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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Jiggling Jogger Saga-Day One

Well.... today was.... interesting.... I only made it one of four interval cycles, and the speeds were a bit slower than program outlines, but I made the attempt, at least. The most important thing I learned from today: Do my elipitical machine AFTER I jog. I believe that might have been my fatal error. I'm seriously considering just reserving the elipitical for the days I don't jog, since my bit of paper recommends not doing the program everyday, rather, three days a week spaced out. I'll get the bugs ironed out. I adamently refuse to let this one bad go scare me off of giving this an honest attempt.

This is my rationale: If, on the elipitical, I can "run" a mile in a quarter in 10 minutes, I am perfectly capable of making the transition to the treadmill. I recognize there are vast differences between the two machines, but with this walk four minutes/run one, I should be able to make the switch.

So, just so I can see it in words in front of me, this means that my week at the gym should look like three days of jogging intervals interspersed with three days of my weight circuit and the elipitical. Sounds good to me. Its really not all that different from what I was already doing, I'm actually just trading in the stationary bike for a treadmill. The bike killed my knees!

In other jiggley news, I booked my next weigh and measure in with my trainer at the gym for next Tuesday! Now I'll get to see if my scale is lying to me, or if I really have lost weight this month!

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